It’ll come to me later

So – we’ve had our introductions. You are the probably non existent reader – i’m the foul mouthed bile hacking newbie ‘blogger’ trying to break a 20 odd year smoking habit

habit habit habit habit habit habit habit

Stupid fucking word.

Oh look – spell checker works now. Magic.

So to clarify – i don’t smoke cigs. I’m a pot smoker. Always have been. More recently a synthetic smoker cause of course the cops had to find a way to do those random roadside drug tests – making being a regular stoner a lot harder. As if i’m going to hit anything driving at 20km/h looking for an open takeaway joint (Ha –  joint) at 3am.

I’ve got no idea how this is going to work. We may end up with 20 posts, all today – then nothing for weeks. Who knows. At this moment i’m inspired to write my shit down – but fuck, that could pass any minute now as i take a little couch nap with a bag of Doritos.

Guess we’ll just keep posting shit and see how it turns out.
Thanks for playing along.


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