So my dad is getting married tomorrow

Look i don’t do weddings at the best of times. I find the whole institution archaic and unless you were doing it for religious reasons – i just don’t see the point in this day and age.

I’m more of a ‘contract’ type  I think. You know – instead of marriage you go for a 5 or 10 year contract. At the end – either party can choose to renew, or walk away. No angst – no bitter and twisted hate vodoo – just an amicable contract end with provisions for division of children and assets.

Done. Heaps cleaner – little use for lawyers (always a godsend) – no obligations to spend a lifetime with one person. I mean – who the fuck invented that idea? People who lived to thirty i’m guessing.

It’s not natural to think two people will grow together, in the same direction – on the same time frame, for a lifetime. Just isn’t. Why do we expect this and why are we so surprised when so many marriages fail. Human beings are not monogamous by nature – and we get bored and restless easily – 60 years with one person – faaaaark – that is a long time!

Anyway – back to me me me and my family. Dad – married again. Yeah – that’s going to take some getting used to. And it’s not that i’m not happy for him, cause i am. No-one deserves happiness more than my dad – and if Veila brings it to him – then i know i should be celebrating.

Here comes the proverbial but.

But – to me – it’s just another reminder that mum is gone.

And even four years after she died – that still fucking sucks. All the time. Every day.


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